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New Bioink formulation

Alignment of Cells and Collagen Fibril via Bioprinting

Transient Support Printing Strategies for Photopolymer Bioprinting

RPE-Photoreceptors Tissue Engineering via Bioprinting for Investigation of Age-related Macular Degeneration

Bioprinting of Skin Tissue

Hydrogel and Cell Patterning via Microvalve Bioprinting and Aerosol Jet Printing

Controlling Droplet Impact Velocity and Droplet Volume: Key Factors to Achieving High Cell Viability in Sub-Nanoliter Droplet-based Bioprinting

Fabrication and Characterization of 3D Bioprinted Triple-layered Human Alveolar Lung Models

High-Resolution Novel Indirect Bioprinting of Low-Viscosity Cell-Laden Hydrogels via Model-Support Bioink Interaction

3D Bioprinting

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